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I can speak from a wealth of experience; when the Swiss decide to attract all your attention, they tend to become quite dramatic. In a recent trial, this tendency was shown in a dark-walled room with dark windows and deep orange lighting. It is said that this is very popular in the interrogation industry, and there are some wood chips to remind you that a certain outside There is a beautiful and tidy world in all places—just not here. Seriously, they are immediately concerned about reducing distractions, and while perhaps subconsciously obvious, this is strange because the product itself is more than enough to capture any serious single-minded watch enthusiast, especially when the cover’s new thin, Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Royal Oak RD # 2 calendar Thin.

Like its predecessor, RD#1, this new watch is another concept watch that has not yet been sold. It is a complex case study to determine feasibility and measure public response. It may be a concept watch, but it still needs some of the most keen watchmakers to put this complex stuff together—or experiment with it from the start.

In the SIHH of 2018, only the two watchmakers of the Associated Press and myself were in the aforementioned dark room. Otherwise, there are usually many people who dig out their eyes and get a chance to take a picture. , Or at least one watch in hand. I’m fortunate because of this approach, I not only have more time with a very few RD # 2 s proposed (I heard only one, but I doubt it is true) but must also ask some more details The question about sports was answered by two Super Associated Watches presented this watch to me.

Audemars Piguet Replica Watches press conference was not very clear about this, they said that this new Royal Oak Road No. 2 calendar is “the thinnest self-curved perpetual calendar on the market today.” They also claimed that the thickness of this exercise record was 2.89 mm. These two messages tell me that although this watch is moving very slowly, but before that, may have made another automatic winding perpetual calendar, thinner than the 6.3 mm thick Royal Oak case.

When I checked this in a demo, I was told that no, this is indeed the thinnest automatic perpetual motion ever. This applies to both the coverless movement and the closed watch itself. I personally don’t like this kind of record until things start to get ridiculous (as they did for 2mm thick Piaget, I’ll talk about that soon). Records are always impressive, but in my mind, all sorts of other features and elements are not more important than getting a smaller number.

More interesting than the “record-breaking” slenderness is the way Odermas Piquet achieves this goal. It turns out that the design process of RD#2 started from the outside: Giulio Papi of Best Audemars Piguet Replica Watches skunkworks APR&P. He first painted the layout of the dial, and only then did they start to design the mobile layout. This is not the usual practice, especially when it comes to the complexity of the perpetual calendar… But I think that when you have a lot of experience and you list a series of achievements like Giulio Papi did, You will start looking for new challenges.

Interestingly, RD#2 is surprising in extending the limits of the permanent calendar example in textbooks, but it does not need to address some limitations, for example, that I can’t really fall in love with them.

First of all, the dialer does not have any animation at all. Lack of running seconds, the fastest moving object is on the minute hand dial – when you give up my wish for high finished five-digit money, I believe you will want some mechanics-driven feast to go beyond a series of passive hands and dials back Look at you.

There is no doubt that the mechanism for moving all six indicators of the calendar is amazing – but it is completely hidden under the dial. When the two watchmakers of the Associated Press (AP) seemed to be really attracted by my suggestions, I felt humbly and surprised. They are not very good at performances – in this case, thank you for making me one day – or just haven’t really thought about showing this particular mechanism in this way.

Thin, yes, is an indicator of the originality and exquisiteness of the unique 5133 caliber, but leaving those little cams and wheels working how to imagine misses a chance when it comes to the end product, perhaps especially when such a halo is launched The concept of RD #2. Of course, a solid dial is also a good choice – do you know how easy it is to get along with everyone and their watches?

In order to achieve the ultra-thin calendar record of the Odyssey Royal Oak Road No. 2, the main challenge and solution is to arrange all the components of the perpetual calendar module into a single plane. Each cam and wheel is arranged in a certain way, from the 24 hour wheel of the watch to the disk of up to 4 months, forming an impressive flow of information.

It works by connecting the hour wheel to the 24-hour wheel (marked as the top center in the figure above). There is a needle (now hidden on the minute hand…thank you, minute hand!) and push the lever mark a. This leverage acts on lever B, which in turn pushes the 31 tooth date wheel up by one. One element of the patent is that this date has a strange tooth (you’ll see it only a little bit to the left). This deeper tooth “tells” the mechanism, which is the end of the month, through some ingenious geometry that helps to move the moon to an incremental.

Did you see the strange wheel with four long broken lines? This is a four-year wheel. The depth of each tooth represents the length of one month. The shallowest is the 31-day month, the deep trench is 30 days, and the deepest is 28 days in February every year except for the leap year. The leap year (slightly higher than the month text of “M”) has a small mark that marks 29 days in February. The other three deep recesses are February 28. Now, this strange wheel determines how much pressure its leverage exerts on the date dial at the end of the month. For a shorter month, changes in geometric geometry will cause the lever to push more on the date wheel, thus skipping 31 days (or the number of days required in February). Now, all this is quite inspiring and smart, which is why it is cool to see it at least partially displayed on the finished watch dial side.

All of these are impressive, and it’s even more true when you think about how legends, Giulio Papi and APR&P started from the dialing layout itself. It is a very symmetrical layout, although it does not look like it – whether it is in the picture or when the watch is on or in the hand.

Usually, my hands are short or illegible, but strangely, here the pointer and “big” model almost overwhelm the already busy sign of the perpetual calendar. There are many, which one is impressive, such a thin watch can track all of these accurate to 2100 (2100, 2200 and 2300 is not a leap year), but to some extent it may also be a little too much It’s good.

On the wrist, Royal Oak Road 2 feels thin (surprise, surprise) but it is heavy. Its weight is huge and quite stable because it is distributed evenly and close to the wrist. This watch is barely thicker than a bracelet and is said to make it more comfortable for long periods of time. With the increase in weight, durability has naturally produced a connection – as the blunt blade Boris pointed out, although not in the context of the perpetual calendar, “heavy weight is good, heavy and reliable.” If it doesn’t work, you can always use it to beat him. ”

As I said above, the perpetual calendar is almost the most static part of the complex – but one-minute repeaters or timers do not do anything automatically, they may bring greater Visual and tactile appeal. The perpetual calendar is basically an interesting five times a year – at the five moments of midnight, it jumps from 28/29 or 30 to the first. In the other 360 days of the year, you know that these five times will be very interesting. This remains unchanged in RD#2, especially its solid-state dial. Also keep the corrector set on the side of the box. Such a record – thin watches, I understand that these corrections can not be transformed into a crown system, but frankly, I welcome new permanent brands, these are good, see more than 20 meters of water resistance, than Scratches a few millimeters. I do not know these promoters, nor do I know that waterproofing is the focus of this No. 2 project – but picking the two at the main collection watch will be more impressive and practical to the end consumer.

Is the ultra-thin perpetual calendar of the Odyssey Royal Oak Road 2 a masterpiece of the perpetual calendar complex? You bet. Its novelty lies in its working methods and design methods – external, not internal. However, I don’t think it solves some of the criticisms usually associated with perpetual calendars (not to mention their requirements for simple dates or even almanacs). On the plus side, it looks very complicated and thin from the side, but at the beginning of the 21st century, when the watch started to get bigger, it also had a little retro feeling but it did not. The center’s squashed sign, and (I think) the proportion of the 41mm Royal Oak inflated reminded me of a 39mm box – I asked this question and was told that this 32m wide move would fit – this RD 2 It will be a more elegant implementation.

All of this shows that in the course of the presentation, the Associated Press watchers seemed to be very excited about the prospect of this newly discovered method of combining different functions into fewer components (and then distributed on the same plane). . The term “timer” was mentioned several times on the basis of this new method. However, we will see whether this is a good question. Another question is whether the Royal Oak Permanent Calendar will be as thin as No. 2 and will soon appear in boutiques.

Therefore, the Fake Audemars Piguet Watches Royal Oak RD #2 Perpetual Calendar is a concept watch and therefore does not come with a price tag.