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2018 New Omades Pique Cover Royal Oak Watch

In SIHH 2018, the Royal Oak brand released a ton of new Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica Watches. Before the report, we selected three here: two of them are highly exclusive conceptual series, with a brand new, refreshing, diamond-embedded ladies’ section, and a dark, aggressive men’s section. There is a mysterious pusher on the side. At the same time, Apple also introduced an ultra-thin perpetual calendar with a blue dial. We have already introduced three new offshore models here.

Last year was the year of Audemars Piguet Replica Watches. After the dust settled in 2017, we began to realize that apart from the conceptual table of a high-end jewellery lady, every watch debuted was either Royal Oak or Royal Oak. This year, we promised to see something new – we have already received news of some new millennium artifacts that look like 2011 or 2005. In spite of this, some more finished products and materials may have proved to be dead ends in design.

There is no doubt that the brand calls its new watch “Our Heroes” – when you imagine an entity (Royal Oak, with so many peeled pitiful things) carrying the brand on his shoulders It is very suitable. If there is any difference, I would rather see young watchmakers, designers and engineers being called “heroes,” but Best Audemars Piguet Replica Watches is not the only one who only believes in products and products – it is in line with industry practice.

From a personal point of view, not only the Associated Press, but also most of the brand’s practices, I still find it ironic that such a compact industry actually wanted to present its products just as if they had just come from an open sky. Disappeared. After visiting countless small and large factories, basically all the “signature” (actually I have already twitched the word nervously) watches, models, complicated things and the collections you see are all a The wisdom of people crystallizes, but it is not just the wisdom of a small group of people. I think they had accepted it long ago and their work will always be swallowed by a millennium brand without any special credit.

In any case, here are some interesting things for you: Fake Audemars Piguet Watches said that they “re-invented the calendar watch” and the ultra-thin calendar of the Royal Oak Road 2 calendar. I might say it too much – I’m stupid.

If you are concerned about the thickness of the watch, then entering the second stage of engineering technology will leave you with a deep impression. The automatic Audemars Piguet Calibre 5133 is a “record-breaking” 2.89 mm thin, 32.00 mm wide, with a total of 256 parts. The challenge is to redesign a three-tiered movement to a single level while “combining and rearranging functions to improve ergonomics, efficiency, and robustness.” The brand said that this patented system features “a record-breaking 2.89 mm central rotor”, although I think it is some type of error.

“There is no compromise in quality,” and the brand believes this is equal to a 40-hour power reserve and an operating frequency of 2.75 Hz. Although the thinner the box, the more comfortable it is to wear. At this point, I would like to replace the correctors on all annual and permanent calendars by a few millimetres. I don’t think there’s any “hero” or extravagance thing every time 40 hours of battery exhausted. Water resistance is also a basic useless 20m.

In short, the ultra-thin dimensions of the Perpetual Calendar of the Odysseus Piguet Royal Oak Road are only 6.3 mm thick. This is almost 2 mm of the Royal Oak ultra-thin and heavy, making the 2nd place “the thinnest self-winding permanent calendar in today’s market.” Seeing a well-dressed outfit is challenging the limits, it’s refreshing. “This box is 41 mm wide – I think this is not what can satisfy purists – it is made of 950 platinum. RD#2 is thin, yes, but it will have enough weight on the wrist on.

In short, this is a fascinating sport, wrapped in love with it or hating it with a 41 mm Royal Oak Box and a blue dial, similar to the dual era of the relatively unpopular Royal Oak. I am happy to chat with engineers who are trying to squeeze 256 parts into a 32mm space, just like those who think the Royal Oak looks good in 41 years.

Finally, if you want to know what RD#2 is doing in the name of this watch, it can be traced back to 2014 RD#1, which is a research article that provided us with the Royal Oak Supersonnerie. Obviously, the Associated Press does not want to see RD# disappear, it does help to separate a particularly new, advanced model from other models.

Among the new Royal Oaks we have chosen, there are two concepts of the Royal Oak – Ladies first. Strangely, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, called the Flying Tourbillon, doesn’t have any name suggesting that the car was designed for ladies – — But its appearance certainly helps clarify this point. This is the first RO concept for women since the birth of the descendants of the Royal Oak in 2002. That was about 16 years ago, but then again, things in Switzerland are really slow. Anecdote: “In 1991, with the ruling of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, Appenzelner Roden became the last state in Switzerland to allow women to vote on local issues.”

In addition to the concept of a diamond paved panel, pay attention to you, there is also a diamond overlay – the icicle protrudes from the dial. It fits in with the harsh, cruel aesthetic style Odysseus Piquet developed a few years ago, and I think we can hardly see it because it does work with the brand.

This is also the first tourbillon to fly from Odermas Piquet. Compared with this concept, the first time this time seemed to be insignificant because the concept is now 38.5mm wide, which makes it a truly wearable Royal Oak concept. For this reason, I think this is a missed opportunity not to give men a version – of course, one of the round-cut or inlaid ladder-cut version will fly as a man’s watch in some key markets, but I find it difficult Believe that there is no smaller market in the world, a more comfortable man’s variant concept. Talk about niche’s niche…

The sport was named Calibre 2951 and has a 72-hour “guaranteed power reserve” with a running time of 3 Hz. It is 29.50 millimeters long and 7.07 millimeters long. It has 17 stones and a total of 255 parts. We do not know the thickness of this 38.5 mm wide, 18k white gold box, but we know it can be “waterproof” to 20 meters.

The Flying Flyer “tourbillon” has entered the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak concept flying “flying tourbillon” (GMT) and a 44 mm wide blasted titanium casing. The tweet launched at 4 pm seems to have recently been taken from the high-end Royal Oak Coast and replaced the older, smaller GMT with a rounder tweeter with this wider, larger black ceramic piece. The frame is also ceramic. Waterproof is a more modern 100 meters.

The new movement is caliber 2954mm, 35.60mm, 9.90mm caliber, huge power reserve of 237 hours (nearly 10 days), with 3Hz operating frequency. The Associated Press has replaced the ceramic bridge on the old model with a sandblasted titanium material – if the ceramic bridge is more difficult to manufacture, I would not be surprised. In order to increase the brilliance of the pearl, the bevel of the bridge highlights the pink gold tone – it sounds cool.

The entire dial, as well as the crown protector, is more angular and looks more aggressive, while the beautiful slope, integrated lugs and shell outlines look as cool as always. Whether it is a watch or a watch, the concept of Royal Oak has long been a watch, and this watch has just been listed to 11 – this is a good thing.

The pricing of these novelty products remains one of Switzerland’s most valuable national secrets, and in any case, after the first announcement, prices will change. For the true target audience, we will only say that each of these Royal Oaks will spend some money.

You may not be surprised to hear that more Royal Oaks are coming. We will cover at least some of them in 2018. To give you a concept, this 85-page document contains the Royal Oak brand’s 2018 new products, of which 9 pages are not about the Royal Oak, including the front and back covers and the “edit notes” page. The other six pages are about 3 new millennium watches.

In my opinion, this makes Royal Oak one of the finest, smartest and most versatile watch designs in history – because, to tell the truth, there are very few iterations of 76 pages I don’t like or want. . I was very impressed and very boring – I haven’t thought about how this is possible.