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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quality Replica Watches

The debut of the AP Royal Oak Quality Replica created what we now know as the luxury sports watch category – a genre that remains exceedingly popular today. Like so many other watches that broke away from traditions, the Gerald Genta-designed Royal Oak watch wasn’t an immediate success.

AP Royal Oak

Characterized by its eight-sided bezel punctuated with exposed screws, hobnail dial, and integrated bracelet, the Royal Oak is an iconic watch design.

The Cheap Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica has grown from a single reference watch to a massive lineup of watches available in a dizzying assortment of sizes, materials, colorways, and complications.

The Defining Traits Of The AP Royal Oak

While there are many variations in the Fake Audemars Piguet Watch collection, the watches (with a few exceptions) all share the design features defined below.

Limited Edition Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin

While 39mm is by no means considered “giant” in today’s watch market, we still hear that term a lot when discussing Royal Oak watches. So what are Royal Oak Treasures?

The Replica Watches For Sale have an ultra-thin 39mm case, no seconds hand, and run (except the latest model 16202ST) the self-winding Calibre 2121, which is based on the Jaeger-LeCoultre 920 movement.

In 2022, Audemars Piguet will replace the reference 15202ST with the 16202ST, which retains many of the much-loved Royal Oak Jumbo design features that collectors love, but benefits from a new-generation in-house Calibre 7121 automatic movement.

Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph 38 (1)

While the reference 15300 retains the 39mm case size and defines the Audemars Piguet 1:1 Replica Watch character, there are some major changes. For one, the overall workmanship of the Royal Oak 15300 is bolder and heavier, thanks to the thicker case and stronger bracelet.

The thicker case is home to the in-house Calibre 3120 automatic movement, which adds a central seconds hand to the dial. Also noteworthy on the dial of the Royal Oak ref. 15300 is a large AP logo used as a marker at 12 o’clock.

Ref 15400 for the 41mm case and Ref 15450 for the 37mm case. The biggest difference in the dial of these Perfect Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Review references compared to the previous reference.


The 15300 replaces the big AP flag at 12 with a more traditional double index. 15500, equipped with the new Calibre 4302 movement with improved power reserve and higher frequency. In terms of dial design, the biggest change is the removal of the “automatic” label at 6 o’clock.

Finally, Best Replica Watch Audemars Piguet replaced the Royal Oak 37mm 15450 with an updated Royal Oak 37mm 15550, which included a slightly redesigned case, bracelet and dial for a more minimalist overall look.

36mm Midsize AP Royal Oak

So far, we’ve only highlighted the larger Royal Oak offerings, spanning from 37mm to 41mm. However, the now-discontinued Royal Oak 36mm watches, which AP defined as midsize, represent an important portion of the history and evolution of the RO so we’ll briefly outline them here.

Other AP Royal Oak Models

While we’re mostly focusing on the classic time and date Royal Oak Copy Watches Online, there are plenty of other models with more features.

For example, the Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph debuted in 1993 as the younger, more powerful sibling of the Royal Oak. The Royal Oak Offshore has spawned its own line of hypersport chronographs and diving watches.

Most Successful Audemars Piguet Replica also produced many complicated Royal Oak models, such as the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar (launched in 1984), the Royal Oak Tourbillon (launched in 1997), and the Royal Oak Chronograph (launched in 1998).

In 2002, AP launched the Royal Oak Concept Collection, a series of ultra-futuristic and very limited RO models that showcased the brand’s creativity and mechanical mastery.