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The Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Min. Repeater

When we first reported on this watch, it was called Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Supersonnerie in 2014 when it was a concept table and AP did not show its desire to sell to collectors. The goal on Leblasos is to break the boundaries of the quality of timepieces and provide conclusive evidence that the pursuit of continuous improvement in tiny repeaters is unprecedented.

The following year, at the 2015 SIHH, the AP established a soundproof booth where they could demonstrate the super-sound and volume of the new concept table. I will not forget that this transponder was heard for the first time, which is not an exaggeration. The one-minute repeater’s self-contradiction, the sound it makes on the wrist is louder, clearer, not lost. I want to know how it works – I don’t think I’m the only one.

Fortunately, Jack conducted an in-depth study of this issue in 2016. He gave the best explanation in the book, explains how Audemars Piguet Replica Watches developed Supersonnerie, and why it is so unique repeater. . But the story does not stop there.

Earlier this year, Fake Audemars Piguet Watches showed the coolest watch you may have never heard of. Outside, it is a white gold Jules Odysse’s dress, with a smoked blue dial and a white gold hand. But deep down, this is the three patented Supersonnerie we know and love.

From an acoustic point of view, does the new Jules Audemars crossover match the previous funky concept table? Considering that it has a platinum box and a 珐琅 dial, you might expect to lose some of the sound quality from the original sound quality because it is purely for The best tune and built. However, after hearing this watch in a crowded booth at SIHH, I can confirm that it is much larger than your typical crossover, and, just like a conceptual watch, it sounds more on the wrist than off The sound is loud.

From a commercial point of view, this watch makes sense. It looks like a typical crossover, and is probably the design that most collectors think of when they hit the six-digit hour. Of course, the box is large, 43mm in diameter and 13.15mm thick; however, similarly, the tilt of the traditional crossover is normal in size. These are not complications known for their slimness.

Turn over Jules Odoms’s turntable and you will notice that there is a watchmaker’s relief on his bench. You will also see a series of perforations around this print. You guessed it, a small concession to the classical design of the watch is that it is part of the Supersonnerie building. According to the Associated Press (AP), no one would dream of getting such a watch, but its depth rating is still 20 meters, even if it is such an opening.

The Jules Best Audemars Piguet Replica Watches minute repeater is not a limited edition, but it is expected that the Associated Press said that few people will do this. This $325,000 product is not suitable for people with bad hearts, but when people think that this watch has one of the loudest, purest repeaters, it will appear on platinum records, which is almost unfair.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica

At First Sight See Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2

The first day of the SIHH was in the book. One of the first exhibitors we visited was Audemars Piguet Replica Watches. This year, the Associated Press has dozens of new watches. We are eager to see several of them. However, if we are honest, there will be something more prominent than the others: we must put our hands on the Royal Oak #2 permanent calendar slim.

The Royal Oak RD #2 is a truly record-breaking product for an ultra-slim watch, which is currently the thinnest automatic permanent calendar of any brand in the world. Its thickness is 6.3 mm, thinner than any Royal Oak currently produced. That’s right – it’s thinner than the monsters. Oops, it’s thinner than the 33mm Royal Oak. AP achieved this goal by moving beyond the box and approaching the second project from a thorough simplification. According to the company, the answer to the question of how to reduce the height of its permanent calendar is to combine the functions and functions that once required the separation mechanism into a single component. In this way, the AP reduces its permanent state from a three-tiered movement, with wheels and gears stacked on top of each other to form a single, flat, interacting component that, in some cases, performs Has a completely different function.

An example illustrates how the AP simplifies the complexity by using a 48-month moonwheel to achieve a leapfrogging cycle. This is a display that once showed multiple gears. On the new wheel, the 31-day month is represented by shallow land; the 30-day month is deeper. The deepest three months are the shortest period of the month, the standard 28-day Februarys. Another gap is February 29, which is the experience of the following year. Usually, in a complicated watch and a permanent calendar, a Best Audemars Piguet Replica Watches manufacturer will put a 12-month wheel and an independent 4-year cam in a leap year.

The Associated Press said that the dialer provided strong support for the movement underneath. In pursuit of absolute slimness and conciseness, at such a high level, we have peeled or shrunk our depth, and the AP regards it as a typical function, its function is aesthetic and legibility, and It becomes the source of strength. More details on this sport will be available from Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica Watches at some point in the future, but they are still in secrecy (although obviously, when it is broken This will be a very big news.)

This does not mean that the dialpad has completely become a practical role. Far from this. This is an attractive Tapisserie dial that may be seen on any Royal Oak. One of my colleagues said that I think that because of the small space between the dial and the crystal, people can appreciate the depth of the display and the dial more.

When you take the Royal Oak Road 2, there is one thing that immediately draws your attention. It is that although the movement is thin, it is a very heavy Fake Audemars Piguet Watches. The 41mm shell, the border, and the numerous links to the integrated bracelet are all 950 platinum. I don’t have a pocket scale, and the AP hasn’t said the weight of the watch, but the watch feels heavy on the hand.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 'Jumbo' Extra-Thin Replica


In the blink of an eye, you may miss the 2017 update of the subtle updates of the Royal Oak chronometer, but the sharp-edged fans love Abidjan, these can be seen as important editors bringing modern doses of health, maybe just a touch of controversy The most popular sport watch of the classic spirit Swiss Audemars Piguet Watches manufacturer, we don’t just refer to the sweet and new two-tone “panda” style dial.

Let’s review the SIHH earlier this year, when there wasn’t one in the AP, but there was a series of new additions to the Royal Oak series – including the display of the Royal Oak eternal calendar and a complete ceramic bracelet. However, this year’s Royal Oak’s madness has also had a way, because since the first introduction of precious metals in 1997, the icon designed by Gerald genta (Gerald genta) celebrated its 40th anniversary.

In the twenty years of service, the Royal Oak Chronicle has understood a small number of iterations over the years (most recently in 2012), but this time, the editor’s questions are all about simplifying dialing, improving the contrast and returning to the visual aesthetic of the Royal Oak Chronograph with fans’ winners. Most notably, this refers to the 39mm reference that dates back to 2008. At that time, people even paid tribute to the early Royal Oak reference, which made these new records almost a respect. Tribute, but this may not be the focus. Audemars Piguet Replica Watches.

These return strokes begin with slightly edited registers—most notably the 6 and 9 sub-scales that are amplified for better readability. Obviously, there is not enough space on the dial pad to amplify these three numbers, so the 6 o’clock running seconds dial is the same size as before, and at the same time the Arabic numbers are lost, which makes the information between these three registers even more Clear.

If you have noticed the date window of the new location, consider yourself in an extremly few to notice that its subtle shift is closer to the five-point index – forced relocation due to the larger three-point sub-dial, and further destroy the entire symmetry (if soon The date window of the departing variant 4:30 can be called “symmetrical”). However, fortunately, it is delicate in the worst case, and it is likely to be ignored by a few people.

The popularity of the Royal Oak Ocean Divers may be the reason for the third problem, which introduces a slightly wider, brighter application time stamp. Just like larger registers, the purpose of this update is to improve overall readability and create a more active and dynamic beauty. Unfortunately, this may also be partially sacrificing the low-key elegance of the Royal Oak chronograph over the past two decades. In addition, the collective adjustment will eventually lead to a greater degree of asymmetry, which may be a bit of a shock to fans who love the sleek index and current iteration balance of the Royal Oak chronometer.

From the perspective of size and function, the upcoming Royal Oak model is still 41mm, but also equipped with caliber 2385, a column-wheeling chronograph movement with a long history. However, the fact is that both the movement and the dimensions of the case are exactly the same as those of the predecessor, which further explains why the U.S. community has adjusted its winning formula. There seems to be no clear reason. If a movement’s aesthetics is the goal, these changes feel more like intervention than real purposeful updates. If the latter is the target, it seems to be a hue sub-dial six points and adjusting the date window will get cool, “bi-compax” aesthetics, will be a better way of celebrating the collection of new contrast sub-dials – but On the other hand, this seems to be left to a nautically-driven offshore chronometer, so we can say “not important” here.

But when it comes to this, as expected, the cases themselves show Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica Watches excellent completion (an eight-stage process that includes many hours of cutting, sandblasting, grinding, polishing, and painting) and is equipped with “big Tapisserie’s waffle dial still uses a century-old pantograph. Now, unless you put them all in the same room, on the wrist, the general aesthetics and wearing experience of the 2017 year and the year are consistent with the extroversion. This is a pleasant dress. In the end, the most noticeable change is the new “panda” shape, which is undeniably an excellent update, and the other one should be very popular in the new and old versions of Royal Oak.

Stainless steel case (such as this reference 26331ST.OO.1220ST.01) can use black, blue or this silver dial – each has a contrasting cash register, the price of 24,300 US dollars stainless steel bracelet. For those who believe that the Royal Oak is best made of precious metals, Best Audemars Piguet Replica Watches is also producing a new timepiece for solid rose gold. It has two dials to choose from: brown or blue, each of which can be chosen A pure gold bracelet or crocodile leather strap.